You’ve got great ideas or products you want to share with the world, but maybe something is holding you back. You know your offerings could help other people, but you haven’t put yourself out there enough to get it to the people who need it most. That’s where I come in – my Weekly Course of Action will guide you through the steps of finding inspiration, building confidence, and taking action to move you toward your goals. With just one small step each week, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get where you want to go. Click the button to get started.

I'm Ready to Take Action

I am Gwen Bortner, and I’m an instructor, speaker, facilitator, and business consultant. My greatest joy is providing the information or insight that results in someone experiencing their personal “light bulb moment.” My goal is to help soloprenuers and small business owners spend less time stressing over the back-office activities and more time creating, developing and growing successful businesses. I can help you accomplish this by simplifying accounting, increasing productivity, streamlining work flow, providing training and consulting on a variety of other back-office activities.

I believe in abundance — professionally and personally. As such, I always strive to share as much knowledge and experience as I possess. I know from experience when my students, audience and clients are successful, I am successful as well.  A rising tide raises all boats!

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