All women lead. Whether it’s in the board room, a community organization, or within the home – all women are leaders, every single day. If you have been struggling to grow your leadership skills because you lack the confidence to go after your goals, or your co-workers don’t see the value you’re providing at work, or you just don’t see yourself as a leader at all – it’s time to take action. I’ve put together 5 simple steps you can take every single day in order to grow your confidence AND your leadership skills. Whether you want to be the next CEO or you just want to communicate with your family members without shouting, these 5 tips can help you get the confidence you need to get the recognition you deserve. Click the button to get access.

I'm Ready to Lead

Hi – I’m Gwen Bortner, and I’m a speaker, facilitator, and coach/consultant. My goal is to empower women leaders, and to work with women to improve their leadership skills and help them boost their confidence so they can step into new leadership roles or excel in their current positions. I do this by providing workshops, training sessions, consulting packages, and retreats for individuals & groups of all sizes.

I believe in abundance — professionally and personally. As such, I always strive to share as much knowledge and experience as I possess. I know from experience that when my students, audience, and clients are successful, I am successful as well.  A rising tide raises all boats! I have worked with leaders for years, both in personal and professional capacities, and I am here to bring that abundance of knowledge to work for you.

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