Helping people find their success is what brings me joy and satisfaction 

I call it the light bulb moment. That moment when everything clicks into place. The moment when an obstacle is overcome. The moment when a goal is met. The moment when a long sought-after answer is provided.

I’m a speaker, coach, trainer, and consultant. I have had lofty titles like VP of Information Technology, unusual titles like Professional Knitting Instructor, but my favorite titles are Solution-Provider and Confidence Builder. But no matter what the title I fundamentally always do the same three things:

  • Engage in root cause analysis
  • Develop effective solutions
  • Provide accountability to reach the goal

My passion is working with small business owners, specifically solopreneurs and what are often termed micro-businesses, reach their individual success goals. Sometimes that means uncovering barriers and identifying obstacles; sometimes it requires working together to develop goals and plans unique to your individual scenario; sometimes it just takes a regular check-in to ensure progress continues. Ultimately I am like a personal trainer for your business.

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Why I Do What I Do

I believe in abundance — that an idea shared, processed and implemented grows in value. As such, I always strive to share as much knowledge and experience as I possess. I know that when the business owners I serve are successful, I will also ultimately reap the benefits as well.  A rising tide raises all boats!

As a long-time teacher, I love to work with individuals and groups to identify problems, develop solutions, boost confidence, and achieve results. Nothing makes me happier than lending some of my confidence to another small business owner so that they can gain the skills they need in order to reach their goals. My focus is on helping convert ideas into action, translating knowledge into training for others, and increasing confidence through successes both big and small.

My Background

When I left high school my plan was to be a math teacher, but that future was quickly hijacked as I discovered computer programming. With a degree in computer science firmly in hand I worked in the industry for years: running my own consulting company, serving as a senior consultant for Ernst & Young, and ultimately managing the IT Operations department for a competitive phone company. By the time I laid myself off at the dot com down-turn in 2000 (along with dozens of people from my department), I had accomplished many of my career goals and was ready to try something new; so I turned to my life-long hobby of knitting.

In October of 2001 I founded my company, Knitability, LLC. Although my original business plan did not come to fruition, my years of entrepreneurial experiences taught me to be flexible. Soon I discovered my real passion: teaching. Starting in 2003 I began teaching knitting at the national level and soon became a sought out instructor at venues across the country, teaching not only knitting but also small business development courses and how to improve your teaching skills.

In 2013 I felt called to start using my business and leadership experience to help others find their success. Since that time I continue to teach on the national knitting circuit (yes, there really is such a thing), but I also speak and consult on the topics of business success and leadership. Whether I’m providing a keynote address to a crowd of 1,000 or consulting one-on-one, empowering people to achieve their own success is what I do best.

For a detailed list of my personal and professional experience, click here.

Gwen speaking during her book tour
Zeph the Petite Dane

A Little More About Me

I am married to my best friend and BHE (Best Husband Ever). Together we live in the house my great-grandfather built in central California in 1902. As an off-the-scale extrovert, I love to be with people whether it be in small groups or large auditoriums. I enjoy the travel that is associated with my choice of careers and I am sure that my introverted husband appreciates getting some time alone when I am on the road. We share our home with Zephyrene, a Petite Dane (she’s not really “Great” – she is pretty small for her breed)!

In my free time I enjoy swimming, downhill skiing (I’m also a certified ski instructor), hiking, and scuba diving when we are visiting locations with “warm” water. BHE and I love to watch movies, certain TV shows and play Plants vs Zombies. And although I should not admit it, I am a serious Candy Crusher.

The Other Stuff


    – All writings on this site contain my individual views or the stated author’s personal views and do not represent any more than just that: thoughts, perspectives, views and opinions.


    – My reviews are always based on personal experience and knowledge.  I do not do paid reviews or placements. If you wish for me to review your product, I will consider it, but I don’t guarantee a positive review.


    – From time to time I may write posts about services or products that contain affiliate links.  This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Stay Connected

It’s my mission in life to help small business owners achieve their own success. I believe that pragmatic tactics and solid business skills paired with consistent accountability leads to extraordinary results.

As such, I’ve developed 10 Tactics – a list of 10 ideas you can use to improve your own productivity. To download the PDF, click here.

If you think you could use a personal trainer for your business, the absolute best way to get in touch is to email me. However, with that said, I still often find myself in locations with limited or no cell service and/or internet access. So if you don’t hear back right away, please be patient or  email my assistant. If you haven’t heard after a few days, feel free to “resend,” as sometimes these things do get lost in the ether.

You can also find me online at the following:

  • I blog regularly here on this website; or you can click here to have my posts sent to your inbox. 

  • My Twitter feed is where I share my thoughts on leadership – @GwenBortner. I would love for you to follow me!

  • I am on Instagram as gwen.bortner – come see what I notice in the world.

If you are interested in talking about having me teach, speak or work with you in any capacity, email is the best way to get the conversation started.