Forward Facilitation

Sometimes you just can’t keep going it alone – you reach an obstacle, or you hit a plateau and you can’t seem to get anywhere. That’s when it’s time to infuse your business with a dose of momentum! I’ll work with you directly to help push you through your comfort zone and give you the confidence you need in order to achieve your next level. 

Sometimes all it takes is an outside perspective to clear the path of any current obstacles and see the next steps. That’s my super-power: after a brief conversation with any business owner I am able to identify the current problem(s) and then lay out the next steps required to move past those problems and achieve the desired outcome.

I offer several options for working with me one-on-one; keep reading to find the one that’s right for you.

Let me work with your team – together we’ll get everyone back on track!

Let me bring my strengths to work for your company, in a Forward Facilitation session.

My strength is confidence. I am gifted not just with self-confidence, but also with the unique ability to build confidence in others. Confidence and success are intertwined – confident people are more likely to stretch and try new things. By helping you reconnect with your business’ vision and getting back to focusing on your super-powers, I guide you toward success and as a result each win, no matter how small, builds even more confidence. 

My other super-power is the ability to quickly identify the biggest obstacle in your path to success, and to outline a plan for getting past that obstacle and regaining the momentum you lost along the way. Sometimes that involves making hard choices, or facing difficult truths; but nobody ever said the road to success would be easy to travel.

How can I help YOUR team move forward?

Forward Facilitation

How can I help your team get back on track?

You know there’s a problem – you’re not reaching your business goals like you hoped you would. Your team members aren’t working together cohesively, and you spend more time putting out small fires than planning your next moves.

If you know you’re stuck but you aren’t sure how to move forward, and you think you might benefit from a fresh perspective and a boost on your way, then Forward Facilitation is the perfect solution.

This session includes:

  • One large meeting between myself and your whole team, where I’ll talk about my purpose and our goals.
  • Individual or small group meetings, where I’ll talk to your team members and dig deep to find the root causes of your problems.
  • A follow-up session with you and other leaders you choose, where we’ll talk about my findings and plan next steps.
  • Continuing follow-up via email or Skype with one elected executive liaison.

If you’re ready to make an impact in your business, send me an email ( to started.

Together, we can make it work!