Momentum Builder

You work hard, but don’t feel like you are making progress. Instead of the road to success, you feel like you are on a hamster wheel. But you know doing the same thing gets the same results.

You are ready to make a change.

Sometimes you just can’t keep going it alone – you reach an obstacle, or you hit a plateau and you can’t seem to get anywhere. That’s when it’s time to infuse your business with a dose of momentum! I’ll work with you directly to help push you through your comfort zone and give you the confidence you need in order to achieve your next level. 

Sometimes all it takes is an outside perspective to clear the path of any current obstacles and see the next steps. That’s my super-power: after a brief conversation with any business owner I am able to identify the current problem(s), lay out the next steps required to move past those problems, and then help hold you accountable to achieve the desired outcome.

It is time to get off the hamster wheel and start making serious forward progress.

Reconnect with your vision, unlock YOUR super-powers, and get back your business momentum!

I believe that we all have super-powers, and the key to success lies in unlocking those super-powers. Once you identify your strengths and really own them, you can do anything.

My super-power is the ability to quickly identify the biggest obstacle in your path to success, and to outline a plan for getting past that obstacle and regaining the momentum you lost along the way. As a result of having a vast array of experiences from with which to draw, I can easily look outside your industry’s box and find time tested solutions in the boxes of other industries.

My strength is confidence. I am gifted not just with self-confidence, but also with the unique ability to build confidence in others. Confidence and success are intertwined – confident people are more likely to stretch and try new things. By helping you reconnect with your business’ vision and getting back to focusing on your super-powers, I guide you toward success and as a result each win, no matter how small, builds even more confidence. 

Ready to build momentum for your business?

Momentum Builder

How Much Momentum Can We Build Together?

If you are ready to identify roadblocks and bottlenecks, turn ideas into action, implement creative yet practical solutions, and move your business forward you are ready for the Small Biz Momentum Builder.

We will meet weekly or bi-weekly (twice monthly), the choice is yours. During our 45 minute Skype call together we will identify the root cause of why you are stalled, generate ideas for possible solutions, and develop an action plan. I will follow up our call with notes from our conversation and be available via email for any questions or concerns in between calls.

If you’re ready to build momentum in your business just choose the plan that is right for you:

Both plans are a monthly subscription that will renew automatically. I recommend a minimum of a 3-month time frame — long enough to really make an impact but short enough to see progress quickly.

The Weekly option will include four calls per month for an investment of $500.

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The Twice Monthly option will include two calls per month for an investment of $300.

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Build your business’ momentum now…the choice is yours!