I started public speaking at the ripe age of 13 when I wrote and gave the sermon for my church. As such, speaking has always been something that seemed to come naturally to me. Even so, I have continued to invest time and money to maximize my skills.

To make your event the best it can possibly be requires a speaker who is engaging, dynamic and provides the content quality you are looking for. We have all been to conferences where the speaker left something to be desired. I know this is a serious decision and I appreciate you giving me consideration.

As a speaker, my goal is simple – to leave your audience wanting more.

Speaking Topics

No matter the size of your group, I would love to talk to you. In particular, I focus on the following topics:

  • Building Momentum – We’ve all been at a point in our lives where we feel stuck on our way to achieving a goal. Whether your group is made up of career employees, small business owners, or volunteer leaders – their problems all have common threads. Identifying the underlying problems in any scenario and providing a list of solutions has always come easily to me, and I’d love to share those skills with your group.
  • Women and Leadership – All women are leaders; we work hard every day in the professional and personal roles we hold. Yet some women don’t see themselves as leaders, or they struggle to prove themselves as leaders in the workplace. I have years of experience as a woman in leadership positions and I can translate this into several different topics to educate & empower my fellow women to step up and lead.
  • Creative Ideas and Practical Solutions – Creativity and practicality often seem at odds with one another, but that doesn’t have to be the case. [Jess — I need you here]
  • Change Leadership – Is your company (or organization) going through a major overhaul? How are your leaders handling that change, and how is that trickling down to the rest of your employees? I can help guide you through that change, leading you to address the hard questions and come out on the other side stronger and ready to move forward.
  • Inspiration and Motivation – I also have several stories I can share from my professional experiences, which can make for interesting keynote addresses. I’d love to come to your next event and tell you about the time I fired myself from the dot-com industry (the bigger picture being that as a leader, you’ve got to make the tough decisions), or how I built an entire career out of my hobby (I worked for years as a published knitting author, knitwear designer, and professional knitting instructor). These stories bring with them an underlying message of leadership, empowerment, and willingness to adapt to change – let me share them with you!

If there’s another topic you’d like me to address, I’m happy to add it to the list! Simply contact my assistant (assistant@gwenbortner.com) and we will work together to come up with a plan for your event or organization.

Let’s Work Together…

I am available for any of the following types of engagements:

  • speaking, keynote addresses
  • training and workshops
  • retreats

If you would like to talk about hiring me to work with your company or organization, please e-mail my assistant: assistant@gwenbortner.com. She will send you all the information you need, and begin the conversation about how I can be of service.