Client Responses

Hear what Gwen’s one-on-one consulting, and small group accountability clients are saying.


“A couple months ago I started working with Gwen through her Momentum Builder consulting package. Before the Momentum Builder, I had taken classes from Gwen at TNNA, implemented what she taught and seen many improvements in my business. So I knew going in that Gwen knows what she’s talking about, is a patient teacher, and is never afraid to tell you when your idea is a bad one – all of which continued to hold true in our one on one consulting. 

“My goals were to move my business to the next level, manager employees more effectively, and grow personally as a shop owner. We identified key areas for improvement, including working through an organizational chart to see how everything fits together. I’ve found myself calmer, more patient with customers, delegating more responsibility to my employees, and more easily able to tackle problems as they arise.
“I came out of this knowing that I’m good at what I do, and also, there is always room for improvement. This is the best thing I ever did for myself and my business!”
– Susan Post, Owner of A Good Yarn Sarasota
I love working with Gwen. She has a ton of experience in different industries and positions – it’s obvious she’s bringing all of that information and experience to the conversation when we’re working on my business. She’s an excellent listener and focuses on the data about where my business is currently at. Combine all this together, and I think you can pretty much guarantee that Gwen will have at least one insight that will change how you work. And that alone is worth the call!
I was struggling with how to take my business to the next level (I know that sounds so cliche!). I’ve been in business since 2008, have a strong following and a decent income, but I was feeling like my business had plateaued. Gwen saw that the strong foundation of my business give me the ability to build a much more successful and profitable business. Specifically, she pointed out that while I’m a rock star at marketing (getting my name and product out there), I’m not very strong on the sell. And she’s right. She suggested a few, concrete actions I can take to focus on conversions and sales.
If you’ve been in business a little while, and you feel like you’re stagnating or plateauing… or even if you feel you’re just not ‘where you could be’, then call Gwen.
– Stacey Trock, owner of FreshStitches

Student Responses

Hear what Gwen’s students think about her small group business workshops.

3 Surprising Factors That Are Seriously Damaging Your Business – The National Needlearts Association Summer 2017 Tradeshow
Average rating 5/5
“This class was so informational and encouraging.”
“Thank you for an excellent, informative class. These are all so true and it is nice to see someone who cares about business and willing to educate others. Again, thank you!”
“Thank you for the reminder to focus on our business and not our hobby.”
“Difficult message to hear but powerful ideas.”
“Thanks Gwen for the tough love.”

Make the Most of Your Online Presence (Even Without a Shopping Cart) – The National Needlearts Association Summer 2017 Tradeshow
Average rating 4.88/5
“Absolutely a fabulous class! Very easy to follow along, learned a lot.”
“This class was very useful. My pages of notes are full.”
“Love the handouts. Lots of good, relevant info. This is the second time I’ve taken this class from Gwen and I still feel like I benefitted from it.”
“Excellent suggestions, I have a renewed enthusiasm for our online presence, and I’m ready to be more involved! I really enjoyed this class and her [Gwen’s] interactive teaching style.”
“Gwen was very clear with her explanations on her presentation.”
“It’s Gwen being Gwen, that’s a good thing”

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