The Energy Bus

I have always been an optimistic person and truly believe in the power of positive energy. So it is no surprise that I am attracted to Jon Gordon as an author. He is a huge advocate for the power of positivity. 

But because not everyone in my world has the same positive vibe, I was drawn to one of his many fable style books, The Energy Bus. It is a rather short read (which can be a nice change of pace sometimes). But through the story he explains his 10 rules for the Energy Bus. Each rule building upon the one prior. As the main character transitions from being Negative Ned into Positive Pete, the rules and their significance are shared.

If you, like the main character, feel like you have lost control, that you seem to only attract bad luck, or no longer see the joy of your daily life, then The Energy Bus is an absolute must read. If you are like me, mostly positive but want to help others see “the light”, then it is also worth the investment.

In addition, if you want a child to learn the power of a positive outlook, there is also a book written specifically for them, The Energy Bus for Kids. It is never too early to start.

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