The Magic of Thinking Big

Although other people would probably disagree, I have never really thought of myself as a big thinker; thus my intrigue with The Magic of Thinking Big by David J Schwartz, PhD. After completing the book, I realize that over the years I have developed the behaviors and thought processes that are often associated with big thinkers, I just never thought of it in that context.

Ultimately the principles presented within this book are truly timeless insights into successful behaviors (the timeless factor is significant since the book was written in the late 1950’s). As such, some of the phrasing and all of the financial examples are terribly dated. Once I got past my initial surprise, I found its “dated nature” to be rather charming. 

As a result of its place in time, almost no examples in this book include women; even so, the content remains solid. If you feel like you struggle in the areas of confidence or success, this is still a great book, even more so 50 years later!