The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs

Let’s just start with the fact that I am not a morning person. People are often surprised by this fact, because I can be cheerful surprisingly early. But usually this is because I am paid to be up and friendly. Besides, I am not really a grumpy person. However when I have my own schedule, the sun has usually been up for several hours before I even think of getting out of bed.

So my interest in this book was a bit unusual for me. It actually was a discovery as I dived head-first into the world of Bullet Journaling. As I explored hundreds of examples on Instagram, I often saw notations, comments, or posts about “The Miracle Morning”. So I did what any logical person of 2017 would do and Googled the term.

As I began exploring the various book options, I discovered a particular version that struck a chord, The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs. During my research and reading over the past several years, the theme of having a strong, consistent morning routine has been constant. Unfortunately, for a myriad of reasons and excuses, I have never had much of a routine, let alone a good one!

As I write this, I am still in the very early stages of establishing the morning routine of the Life SAVERS as defined within the Miracle Morning. But I can see in my early analysis that if I can persevere and make the process a non-negotiable routine the results will be nothing but positive.

However, what makes this book a real gem are the additional insights specifically focused on being an entrepreneur. Although, my background made much of the information a reinforcement of knowledge I already possessed, I know that is not true for many entrepreneurs. Even so, the Success Formula (Focus x Faith x Effort = Success) was a new concept and super impactful.

If you are ready to take your business game to a new level (even if you are not a morning person), reading and implementing The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, is a step I can highly recommend.