Worth It: Your Life, Your Money, Your Terms

Money has never been a “problem” for me. I have always been comfortable doing the various money-based tasks of adulthood. I was raised in a family where my mother handled the money of the family, so I didn’t have any pre-set gender bias about “appropriateness” or ability. So it might be surprising I picked up this book, let alone found a ton of great, new, helpful information contained within its pages.

Worth It, covers a wide variety of information around the general topic of money. From the statistical facts of our (as women) ability to earn money, our emotional relationship with money and our needs as we consider long-term needs, Amanda Steinberg focuses on important aspects and covers often complicated topics with an elegant simplicity.

Even though the book is geared toward women, the financial ideas, processes and explanations are useful and appropriate for EVERYONE. Whether you are just entering the job market, in the middle of your career, or nearing your retirement, the information is invaluable. Invest in yourself and your financial future and read this book, you are worth it!!